The following factors affect the price of your custom stone:
  • The product type - Stone Signs, Tiles, Inlays, Pictures in Granite, etc.  Refer to tables below.
  • The size of your stone - Square feet of carving area and weight.  Stones weighing over 250 lbs require special
    handling equipment and will be quoted on an individual basis.
  • Lines of Text & Graphics - More than 5 lines of text or graphics; $20 per line.   
  • Special Graphics -  Brands, or Company Logos etc.  There is no charge for graphics already in our extensive
    graphics library.
  • There also will be no charge if you can provide your graphic in a vector format, i.e. EPS, PS, VSD etc.
  • The price for converting non-vector formated graphics will depend upon the amount of photo editing
    required. The minimum charge is $30.  Additional time will be charged at $30 per hour.
  • If your graphic is in a JPG or bitmap format, send it to us in as high a resolution as possible and
    we will give you a quote.  Pictures copied from websites are low resolution and require photo
    editing work.
  • We can also scan logos from business cards and letterheads.  Send us your document and we
    will give you a quote.
  • Graphics not already in our library may require a one time licensing charge.
  • Multiple Colors- Most of our designs are painted by spray painting one color.  There will be a  charge of $10 for
    masking and spray painting each additional color.
  • Hand Painting  - Some designs can not be spray painted and require hand painting.  Any design requiring
    hand painting will be charged at $25 per hour.
  • Shipping, delivery, and placement costs.  
  • Delivery from our location just west of  Weatherford, TX is $.60 per round trip mile.
  • Minimum of $300 for delivery & placement of large stones (over 300 lbs).
  • We ship by FedEx, UPS, USPS Priority mail, both domestic and international (under 50 lbs.); we ship
    common carrier freight (over 100 lbs.) within the continental United States.  
  • You can save shipping / delivery charges by picking up your stone at our location.  We can load your
    truck or trailer for stones up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Sales Tax - Sales tax of 6.75% for stones picked up, delivered or shipped to a Texas destination.

We will work with you during the design process to advise you whenever any of the
additional charges will apply.  We always provide you with a firm quote on your stone
creation before any chargeable work begins.
Carving Area
Sq. Ft.
Awards / Gift Stones
.8 - 1.0
$50 - $75
Other stones
1.0 - 5.0
$75 / sq. ft.
Stones over 500
Quoted on an
individual basis.
Stone Signs
Tile - Inlays /  Awards / Coaster Sets
Price (3)
$45 single tile
$50 - set of 4
$40 - 2-5 sets of
4 coasters.
$30 - 6+ sets of 4
$55 Tile
$65  Black
Polished Granite
$75 Tile
$100 Black
Polished Granite
$100 Tile
$145 Tile
$170 Black
Polished Granite
Pictures In Granite      (allow 3-4 weeks for delivery)
Price *
(Includes Lucite table stands
shipping & Insurance)
6" x 8 1/4"
Rectangle; Oval; Heart;
Circular Plate (6 1/4")
7" x 10 1/4"
Rectangle; Oval; Heart;
Circular Plate (7")
8 1/4" x 12" **
Rectangle; Oval; Heart;
Circular Plate (8 3/4")
10 1/4" x 14 1/4"
Rectangle; Oval; Heart;
12" x 15 3/4"
Rectangle; Oval; Heart;
Custom sizes and shapes
Contact us with the size you need for an individual quote.
*   If more than 3 faces in the picture, additional charges will apply.
** 8 1/4" x 12" is typically the minimum size for a picture with a lot of detail in the background.
Quantity discounts on coasters assume same        
graphic on all sets.  

Quantity  discounts are also available on other        
tile sizes.