Each piece is a unique treasure.

These are not done by laser etching, or other mechanical processes.  Each piece is individually crafted
by an artist, using a diamond tipped etching tool.  You will be amazed with the unsurpassed artistic merit,
detail and quality.
Items from multiple photos can  even be used to make a single Granite Picture.

These Granite Pictures are weather resistant and will not fade in the sun. They can also be embedded
in a stone slab and used outdoors for Pet Memorials or Memorial Stones.

Granite Pictures are available in the following shapes:  Rectangle, Oval, Heart, and Circular Plate.  
See the
prices page for standard sizes and prices.  They can also be done in custom sizes.

Contact us with your ideas.  
Granite Pictures will be delivered directly to you (no PO Boxes).  Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion.